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  • There will be 10 men on the field for each team
  • 3 Mississippi will be strictly enforced.  The lineman ( offense and defense ) will remain on one knee until the ref ( Bryan Smith ) counts to 4 and drops his hands.  If you leave the knee too early there will be a 5 yard penalty and the down will be replayed
  • Pass interference will be penalized from the spot of the foul and is an autmatic first down
  • No flag guarding ( that is holding a player until you can get his flags ), if player is penalized for this the assessment will be 5 yards and replay of the down
  • If a player makes a catch the next play he must either get off the field of play or either return to be a lineman. ( The game will be stopped until you do one of these two options)
  • Accessive arguing with a referee will result in ejection from the game and possible “ banning ” of a player from the Turkey Bowl.  This rule will be strictly enforced
  • Players should respect other players right to play and participate in all aspects of the game
  • Fumbles behind the line of scrimmage are live,  but beyond the line of scrimmage are dead.  Thus if a reciever catches a curl then runs 5 yards and fumbles...the ball is dead and will be played from where he dropped it
  • There will be 25 minute non-stop quarters in which the last 2 minutes of the half the clock can be stopped with regular NFL rules applying
  • PAT’s are one point from the 5 and two points from the 10
  • Teams are allowed only one lateral after a catch by a reciever
  • If  a team elects to punt then the ball will be moved 40 yards downfield
  • Two Feet in bounds on catches
  • Each team is alotted 3 timeouts per half
  • Any other dispute will be taken up on field with the ref
  • Qb’s can run when rushed