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Garrett Knight jukes Ryan Trotti
There have been many players from multiple cities, states, and countries to play in the legendary Turkey Bowl.  There are also some players who are banned from the Turkey Bowl and some who have gone on to retirement. 

The players are listed below:

Active Players Retired Players Banned Players
Clint Patterson Ben Sullivan Dario Newmann
GQ Nick Rollins Seth Howell
Garth Knight Lee Youngblood  
Garrett Knight Jamie Jowers  
Trent Usher Jason Williams  
Paul Tomberlin Johan Rauge  
Mario Donato Rueben Espinoza  
Johnathan Little Carlos Espinoza  
Jarod Fincher William Espinoza  
T-Cunningham Kyle Lucas  
Will List Jeff Horton  
Wesley Catoe Travis Conn  
Ryan Trotti Andy Polk  
Rod Miller Adam Wilson  
Peanut Funderburk Brandon Kee  
Bryan Smif Joel Taylor  
Neil Williams Brian Hicks  
Steve Clark Phillip Melton  
  Conrad Deese  
  Carlton Deese  
  David Jowers  
  Kevin Sowell  
  Travis Rollins  
  Angelo Donato  
  David Roscoe  
  Scott Sims  
  Troy Gamble  
  DJ Red